Stravinsky masterpiece found after 100 years!

An orchestral piece that Stravinsky wrote in memory of his teacher, Rimsky-Korsokov, was found this month in a forgotten storage room at the St. Petersburg Conservatoire. The work had been lost for 100 years! Read about it!


Stromae the Belgian rapper, singer-songwriter

Stromae’s second album Racine Carrée has catapulted him to international success. The album, released in 2013 in Europe and 2014 in the US, is full of socially critical yet catchy songs that are a mixture of R&B, dance, Afrobeat, and electronic music. He has a lot to say about his music and where it comes from.

Rhiannon Giddens, lead singer of the Carolina Chocolate Drops

Rhiannon Giddens, lead singer of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, is touring around the country, singing songs from her solo album Tomorrow is My Turn! She has a beautiful voice, and her music is historically informed. She also has an interesting life story: she learned to fiddle from Joe Thompson in her home state of North Carolina, but before that she studied opera at Oberlin Conservatory!


Listen to and read

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about her here.


Stephen Colbert: Jazz 101

Stephen Colbert brought Jon Batiste of Stay Human to the Colbert Report last year to talk about Jazz, and demonstrate some impressive improvising….and Colbert jumped right in.



Also, Jon Batiste and Stay Human are amazing….they even make Miley Cyrus sound good.


Too Beautiful for Words

NYTimes recently hosted a Fall Musical Preview, featuring a ton of artists who have shows opening this season. Jennifer Hudson is the first on the list, singing “Too Beautiful for Words” from “The Color Purple”!


Things you didn’t know about Arvo Pärt

Did you know that since the ’70s Pärt’s music has been inspired by bells?


Watch Pärt playing piano!

Streaming symphonies

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra has become the first-in-the-nation orchestra to offer free live streaming videos of their concerts throughout their performance season!


The first broadcast is November 21st. Check it out!

“she knew nothing about the music”

NPR wants you to “look at this” and I totally agree!



Denise Burt, a graphic designer, knew nothing about classical music when she started designing labels for Dacapo Records in Denmark. However, by engaging with the composers and artists of her projects, she designed covers that actually reflect the amazing music that lies underneath!



A Belgian student of Musical Manufacturing at the College of Ghent in Flanders has built a styrofoam CELLO! Well, just the top is styrofoam, but still!

Sound horrifying? Actually, it’s not! Listen here.

“15 Things Classical Musicians Are Tired of Hearing”

Several of these have some truth to them despite the rebuttals…but still funny!

How many classic albums can you identify by their cover?

I got about 9 out of 14 right :/ Can you beat me? Here’s the quiz.

Was Bob Dylan terrible during the ’80s?

How did Dylan’s music change in the ’80s? Did society turn its back on him? Read what Carl Wilson from Slate has to say

about it here.

Bluegrass in a cavern?

Bluegrass in a cavern? Pop near some steel stacks? Classical in a limestone quarry?

Explore these amazing concert venues from all over the world!

A Mercedes Limo or Two?

Fans can now own two Mercedes Limos that belonged to the late and great Maria Callas, a Greek opera star. You might have to drop 100k on them, though. . .

Maria Callas

Maria Callas


They are quite beautiful…


Callas' Mercedes Limos

Callas’ Mercedes Limos


What Fiona is listening to:

Biscuits – Kacey Musgraves

Musgraves has a voice as sweet as candy, and her lyrics are really clever. The video is….interesting.

As you can see, she’s doing quite well for herself!


A flowery quiz!

Good at trivia? How about opera trivia? Check Drug Store Price Comparison, online pharmacy no prescription doxycycline online order canada Pharmacy Gifts, purchase doxycycline Herbal Drugstore out this quiz, even if you don’t know any of the answers…the music is so beautiful.

Music in politics

Which songs will the 2016 Presidential candidates choose for their “theme songs”? One thing’s for sure, they certainly won’t ask for permission. Read about it here.

Ronald Reagan tried to use Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" without permission in 1984.

Ronald Reagan tried to use Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” without permission in 1984.


The new movie Amy, about the tragic yet accomplished life of singer Amy Winehouse is getting rave reviews! Here’s Rolling Stone’s commentary on the film. Peter Travers writes, “…the

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film has made Amy so touchingly, recognizably human. It’s her words, her music, her voicemails, her home videos, her friends, her family, her tormentors, and her timeless incandescence. Look, listen and weep.”

The trailer:

Can you spot the changes?

The shop got a makeover! We now have a spacious setup for customers who are waiting to be helped, trying out instruments, or just socializing.


Also, can you spot the new piano? Come and give it a try! We’re open Tuesday through Thursday 12-6pm, Friday 12-5pm, and Saturday 12-3pm.

Visit us at for more information!

Nicki Minaj speaks out for black women in pop music

Nicki Minaj made a splash on Twitter when she tweeted: Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 4.56.58 PM

With this tweet she implied that because she was a black woman, and because her video celebrated black women, it did not get nominated for best video of the year. Taylor Swift thought this was a personal jab, because she herself had been nominated. This “feud” made headlines and distracted from the real issue Minaj was bringing up.

Here’s what some people have to say about the issue:




Facebook and Youtube combined?

Facebook is looking into adding their own video feature that lets you “whistle while you scroll” as this article puts it.


Newport Jazz Festival!

Tickets are still open for the 2015 Newport Jazz Festival from July 31st to August 2nd!

Cécile McLorin Salvant is playing on August 1st. . .you definitely won’t want to miss her 🙂



Newport Folk Festival Lineup!

Folks lucky enough to have tickets must be getting excited about the Newport Folk Festival’s 2015 lineup!

See it here.

2015 lineup


The Monks of Norcia

The Monks of Norcia, a Benedictine order in Italy, have produced a CD of a gregorian chant. Perhaps surprisingly, this type of CD is currently very popular. The 1994 album Chant sold about 6 million copies!


Also, the monks are now brewing beer to bring the community together, and to earn income.

Listen to the NPR story here.


Nature v Nurture

The International Tchaikovsky Competition: how did a self-taught French pianist earn his way into an elite competition designed for the most highly trained virtuosos of today?


Read the fascinating article about Lucas Debargue, 24, here.



Ever heard of a crankie? Well…”it’s like a mural on a spool” !


Check out Anna & Elizabeth on Tiny Desk! Their bios are pretty fascinating:

36 Hours in Providence

Check out what the NYTimes thinks is worth doing in Providence: 36 Hours in Providence




They should add McCarten Violins to the list, don’t you think? 🙂

Watch the International Tchaikovsky Competition Live!


This competition is basically the olympics of music. Experience the anticipation and excitement of competition live this year!!

For an example of the awesomeness of this competition: Christopher Tun Andersen is 23 years old!!





Adorable little boy rapping with his dad

Don’t miss this kid’s smile…seriously:

The Mona Lisa of Cellos


The oldest cello in existence today is being exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY. Nicknamed the “King,” this Amati masterpiece was made around 1572 and features ornate gold gilding. It’s something like the “Mona Lisa” of cellos and other stringed instruments. Read the whole story here.


The King

The King



Newport Music Festival 2015


Want to hear beautiful classical music in Newport’s mansions? The Newport Music Festival’s 47th season is taking place July 10 – 26.

Fiona’s violin teacher, Gabriela Diaz, is performing some tango pieces on July 18!



Here’s the pdf of the 2015 brochure.

Is Opera relevant?

Don’t like opera? Forget that fact for a second and listen to this performance. It will be worth it.

Joyce DiDonato


Joyce DiDonato honors all people harmed by hatred by singing Dido’s Lament. How can an aria written in 1688 seem so relevant today? See for yourself:



“A box of bonbons filled with barbed wire”

Son Little – Cross My Heart

Fiona saw him open for Hurray for the Riff Raff this past May. His music is addictive with its beautiful repetition.

What Fiona is listening to:

I’m back! What have I been listening to for the past year? too many interesting things…so I’ll start with what I’m listening to right about now:

D’Angelo’s Really Love

Paul Lester’s review in The Guardian of D’Angelo’s album Black Messiah praises the singer’s political and musical integrity: “…a beaming, single-minded statement of spiritual rebirth and political reckoning,” and “…a restatement of faith in the principles and sounds of the pre-digital era of black music.”




Unexpected Americana

Check out Fede Graña Y Los Prolijos’ song “El Gigante” on NPR’s field recordings! The band is from Uruguay and is clearly influenced

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by americana and bluegrass.

And the lead singer seriously can’t stop smiling!

Fede Grana Y Los Prolijos

Fede Grana Y Los Prolijos


NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts presents José González