The Mona Lisa of Cellos


The oldest cello in existence today is being exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY. Nicknamed the “King,” this Amati masterpiece was made around 1572 and features ornate gold gilding. It’s something like the “Mona Lisa” of cellos and other stringed instruments. Read the whole story here.


The King

The King



What if Peeling an Orange Led to the Shape of a Violin’s F-hole?

Considering the f-holes of the Amati ‘King’ cello and playing with food led Andrew Dipper to on a possible path to evolution of the sound hole of a violin. He writes:

“I have to admit now that playing with food had a part in this discovery, and peeling an orange led me to confirm the realisation that the Amati f-hole, curled up in this way, creates spheroids with a helical incision that unites the opposing poles…Soon I was in the supermarket looking for spherical citrus aids and a few cuts on a number of lemons with a sharp scalpel were enough to prove that slight modification of the Canadian Mail Order Pharmacies, buying medicine from canada coupon for cialis 10mg Best Online Pharmacies, cheap cialis cheapest canadian pharmacy helical track as it leaves the poles could substantially modify the resulting ‘f’ into nearly the Amati form.”

Read the blog post and check out the full article in the Strad here.