Bernanza! The Bernie Sanders Music Festival

This summer in Omaha Nebraska, Bernie Sanders fans will gather at Sokol Park for a three day celebration of Bernie, music, art, and more!  Planned, and paid for out-of-pocket, by Kris Love and Keila Castillo, two “now broke” friends, 100% of the proceeds from the festival (up to 10,000 dollars, “the max allowed due to FEC regulations”) will go to the Bernie Sanders campaign.


According to the festivals website:

“There will be headliners as well as up and coming artists performing at a very cheap rate, if not pro bono. Several artist have even created parodies or original songs specifically about Bernie. Even the vendors have gotten creative with tie dye and hand painted Bernie shirts, earrings, hat pins, canvases, etc. One vendor, “Bernie Sandwiches,” is even making Panini’s and grilling Bernie’s face into the bread.”

With an admission price of just $50 for the entire three day weekend, the event looks like a promising way to “Feel the Bern” among like minded “Berners” looking to have a good time and spread the message of Bernie Sanders.

According to the festival’s website, “There’s “no fracking” way you’d want to miss this event; it is going to be “yuuuge!

You can check out more on the Bernanza festival’s website!

Music on the campaign trail

How do Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Rubio, and Cruz brand themselves through music? They have each chosen very different musical aesthetics for their campaign theme songs. The tunes reflect their personal stories…and their marketing strategies.



Read about which songs candidates have chosen and why in this article from The Guardian.


The story behind Bernie Sanders’ folk album

In 1987, Todd Lockwood, a music producer based in Burlington, had the idea of bringing Vermonters together to make an album featuring the voice of the one and only Bernie Sanders, then the popular mayor of Burlington.



Apparently Lockwood didn’t check if Sanders had a good singing voice until it was too late, so Sanders ended up speaking the words of some of the greatest folk songs.

Listen to whole story behind We Shall Overcome here.