The new movie Amy, about the tragic yet accomplished life of singer Amy Winehouse is getting rave reviews! Here’s Rolling Stone’s commentary on the film. Peter Travers writes, “…the

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film has made Amy so touchingly, recognizably human. It’s her words, her music, her voicemails, her home videos, her friends, her family, her tormentors, and her timeless incandescence. Look, listen and weep.”

The trailer:

RIFF Music Discoveries!

We’ve scouted out the Rhode Island International Film Festival line-up, and have found all of the music-themed films showing this year, so you don’t have to!

What Cheer?


“After the sudden passing of his wife, Stan (Richard Kind) finds himself in a state of shock. He tries to ignore his pain but finds himself followed by inescapable grief, or rather, followed by the inescapable What Cheer? Brigade, a 20-piece brass and percussion band drowning out his world with boisterous, ear-numbing song.”  – RIFF

Journey 4 Artists


“Journey 4 Artists is a documentary which explores through song, interviews, personal histories and visual narrative the power of music to illuminate, transport and transcend the artists and audience beyond divergent religious, political and ideological boundaries towards tolerance, peace and acceptance.” – RIFF

Mein letztes Konzert (My Last Concert)


“My last concert in the town I was born. My last concert in the town where a part of me died. My last concert in the town where I am hoping to find my inner peace.” – RIFF

Andrew and Wendy


“Andrew, a 55-year-old musician, is in a coma when his loving wife, Wendy, knowing his deep connection to music, plays Bach’s St Mathew Passion for him in a last ditch effort to bring him back. Miraculously Andrew stabilizes and wakes up a few days later. This film analyzes the mysterious healing powers of music as Andrew returns to the ICU where his life almost ended bringing music to its desperately ill patients.” – RIFF


RIFF will run from August 5th to 10th at various venues throughout Providence.