One Week To Go

Only one week remains to our departure. At our ages, the months slip by too too rapidly. It is hard to believe that nearly a year has elapsed since we stepped onto the beach at St. Bees to collect our Irish Sea pebbles for transport across England where we would make our small contribution to the land bridge to Europe that Arthur Wainwright imagined when he concocted his scheme to have unsuspecting hikers cart stony fill to the North Sea one pebble at a time. (A nod here to the Monty Python troupe and their English’s Channel tunnel skit.) My pebble has been carefully preserved on the shelf in my living room and is now safely stowed in the top compartment of my day pack. I have reminded Mike not to forget his.

The Irish Sea pebbles posing with half-finished cider last year.

(along with that of Rebecca from Sacramento)