Custom Made Instruments

Mr. McCarten will make a violin, viola or cello to suit the most discriminating ear at an affordable price. With every custom-made instrument, the client’s satisfaction is guaranteed or the entire purchase price will be refunded.


McCarten Violins sells new and vintage stringed instruments from America, Europe, and Asia to suit every budget. See our Instruments page to see a sample of what is currently available.


We rent violins, violas and cellos for beginning and advanced students.  Mr. McCarten personally inspects and sets up each instrument before it is rented. In addition to being expertly set up, every rental instrument is delivered with high quality strings, a suitable bow, a case and rosin. Monthly* rental rates as of 2020 are as follows:


Rent Tax Insurance Total


$20.00 $1.40 $3.00 $24.40


$24.00 $1.68 $3.00 $28.68


$32.00 $2.25 $5.00 $39.24

* Three month minimum rental.  A valid credit/debit card is required for all rent payments.

Setup and Tonal Adjustments

We offer expert set-up and tonal adjustment to suit every player’s requirements.

Repair and Restoration

If your instrument is damaged or just time-worn, we provide free repair estimates. All repairs and restorations are done expertly and quickly.

Common Repair Costs .
Carve Bridge – Violin/Viola (plus cost of bridge) $55
Carve Bridge – Cello (plus cost of bridge) $75
Cut New Sound Post $40
Reset Sound Post $5
Fit Four Pegs – Violin/Viola (plus cost of pegs) $90
Fit Four Pegs – Cello (plus cost of pegs) $120
Crack Repair – Wing Crack Simple – Clean Glue and Cleat $30
Crack Repair – Top crack from the outside less than 5cm (no warranty) $25
Crack Repair – Top crack from the outside more than 5cm (no warranty) $50
Crack Repair – Per cleat (plus plate removal fee) $15
Rehair Bow – Violin/Viola – Simple (additional work extra) $50
Rehair Bow – Cello – Simple (additional work extra) $60
Miscellaneous Labor – per hour $85

Bows and Accessories

We carry a variety of bows for sale. The shop performs bow rehairing services at reasonable prices and with quick turn-around. We also stock those accessories most often needed by professional and student musicians.