Post Script

Our faithful followers will know already that Mike and I quit the trek just shy of the half-way mark in Orton, Cumbria. We are safely home now taking care of our loved ones and ourselves (Mike: bruised rib; Dennis: left foot tendonitis).  But plans are well under way for our return to England to complete our Coast-to-Coast walk – probably in September 2023. This time we are being sponsored in the effort by our sister and brother-in-law. Much love to them. They’re angels!! So this blog will not be retired.  Instead, I will periodically post information about the progress of our planned return and perhaps an observation/recollection about what we experienced so far. Both Mike and I continue to share revelations about ourselves and the world at large garnered from the experience of an 80 mile walk through mountains, storms, fields, a forest, tiny villages and farms.  For now, I will share with you a photo of the oft-mentioned Hamish and Amanda from Cambridge New Zealand taken at the finish of their journey in Robin Hood’s Bay. In due course, Mike and I will be seen here in a similar frame.

PS – I had to run off “comments” for this post. For some reason, it became spam bait.