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Day 2 – Food

I inadvertently omitted references to the food we consumed this first day of walking. As always in these parts, the day started with a ridiculously fatty full English breakfast. This is a two-edged sword because it fills the gullet amply but metabolizing this kind and quantity of food  robs energy from the body as it sets out for the day. But no complaints. It is tasty. On the trail, we stopped in the shade of […]

Day 2 – Orton to Kirkby Stephen

Mike and I arrived in the bustling little town of Kirkby Stephen at about 5pm having left Orton shortly after 9 this morning. After a bit of freshening up at The Fletcher House, our digs for the night, we strolled down Market Street to find a libation and a meal. After a couple of hits and misses, we settled on The Pennine Hotel, Bar and Bistro where I now sit in the aforementioned “bar” area […]