Today is the Day

When I was a kid, it took forevah! for special days to arrive.  No more. The passage of seven decades has the effect of compressing time and special days come and go like confetti in the wind. Consider the fact that my first-born grandchild who nestled in my arms as I rocked her to sleep to the ukulele strums of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – wasn’t that yesterday? – on Friday moved into the next phase of her life at her dormitory at the University of Rhode Island. And consider that a full year has passed since Mike and I resolved to return to Northern England to complete the hiking challenge of the Coast-to-Coast Walk after sadness and grief cut our effort short.

Today we board Aer Lingus flight number 132 from Boston to Dublin. Then we take an early morning flight to Mancester hopefully arriving on terra firma at 7:30 GMT tomorrow.

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