Boston Symphony Orchestra wins Grammy under music director Andris Nelsons!

The Boston Symphony Orchestra won a Grammy for their Deutsche Grammaphon recording entitled “Shostakovich: Under Stalin’s Shadow.” This is the first recording the BSO has made under this label, and the first grammy win for music director Andris Nelsons!



Nelsons had lovely words to say about the honor, “Firstly I’m very proud of the Boston Symphony Orchestra…All of the wonderful musicians, of course, but also the management team, the board, the supporters, and the audience, all the people who are a part of the Boston Symphony family.”


Nelsons remarked that Shostakovich’s music is especially important to listen to during times of global turmoil, “The world is going a bit crazy, and what Shostakovich says through these symphonies is actually very [timely] nowadays. I’m very happy and touched that people feel the necessity to listen to this music, and that this music gives them emotional and intellectual comfort.”