Really Lexus? Cellist Disapproves

The new Lexus commercial that ridicules classical music has struck an off-key note with Melbourne-based cellist Paul Ghica. In a humorous but hard-hitting letter, he writes:

About that music… You claim to passionately pursue perfection. Refinement. Class, timelessness, etc. And now, even excitement. And you do it by deriding none other than Mozart, who wrote some of the most perfect, refined, classy, timeless, and exciting music ever written. You then replace it with a monotonous, uninspired beat that will betray its age within a few years. Your commercial is an exercise in irony that might have actually been clever, had it been intentional. Or perhaps it’s finally the “honest” type of commercial after which consumers have been pining. Your actor, much like your cars, kicks genius to the curb, only to replace it with soulless sterility.

You tell ’em, Paul.

Read the rest of the letter and laugh at the commercial yourself here.