Rosthwaite to Grasmere – Tolkien must have lived here

My description of today’s hike can be summed up thus: grueling; taxing; satisfying; awe-inspiring; aches; fatigue.  But WORTH EVERY BIT OF THAT! But the thing that I’ve fixated on today is the names of the places and geographical features of this landscape. After breakfast today we left the sleepy village of Rosthwaite that is nestled comfortably next to Longthwaite in the lush Borrowdale Valley.  Our path took us along the babbling cool waters of the Stonethwaite Beck. The boundary between path and beck is lined with stone fences that are covered in a full half-inch blanket of soft green moss. We soon passed the confluence of the Stonethwaite Beck with the Langstrath Beck as we got our first views of the path through Greenup Gill to our initial destination of Lining Crag. Looming to our right as we proceeded was the massive mountain that is Eagle Crag. The guide book told us that, before long, we would be looking DOWN on the summit of that mountain. And indeed we did!  We had our hotel-supplied lunch sitting atop Lining Crag and the set out for the next landmark through boggy ground to the Greenup Edge Pass where we would commence our descent after hopping several times over the narrow waters of the Wyth Burn and then going steadily down toward Grasmere alongside the swift-moving Easedale Beck.

Eagle Crag

Two happy climbers looking down at Eagle Crag.

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