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Does Music help you Concentrate?

  Music is wonderful. It can make us feel almost any emotion. It can make us dance, make us cry, and it can even help us stay focused, but what is it about music that keeps us focused on everyday tasks, like driving, reading, or writing? As a new article on by Dean Burnett explains, the brain has two attention systems: a conscious, and unconscious one. The conscious attention system focuses on our current […]

Music for Concentration?

We all have our work playlists, the same General Health, Pharmacy In Uk brand levitra online where to buy cheap medicine, levitra 20mg Online Drugstore 25 (or more) songs we zone out to while staring intently at the computer screen. NPR’s the Good Listener recently crowd sourced a list of reader’s favorite ambient sounds. Check out the article and list here. My current favorite concentration music? Odesza.