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StringOvation- new online publication for string players

  Ever find yourself wondering how to deal with stage parents? Or whether or not there were apps just for violinists? Or what sort of careers are available to you or your child as a musician? Connolly Music has launched an online publication just for those of us who find ourselves consumed by all things strings- and those of us who are just starting out. Filled with tips and information about everything from learning the […]

Does Music help you Concentrate?

  Music is wonderful. It can make us feel almost any emotion. It can make us dance, make us cry, and it can even help us stay focused, but what is it about music that keeps us focused on everyday tasks, like driving, reading, or writing? As a new article on theguardian.com by Dean Burnett explains, the brain has two attention systems: a conscious, and unconscious one. The conscious attention system focuses on our current […]

An Icelandic Treasure; The Music of Ólafur Arnalds

The year was 2010 and a conversation about movie soundtracks and classical music prompted my friend to ask the question, “Have you ever heard of Ólafur Arnalds?” I hadn’t. Nor would I realize how thankful to my friend I would be for mentioning him until I later opened up the link she sent me to the official music video of Arnalds’ song Ljósið. Hard to pronounce, but not hard to listen to, I was immediately […]

Why Does Repetition Work in the Music We Love?

Repetition.  It’s a tool used to memorize, hone skills, and make lasting impressions.  In many cases though, repetition causes fatigue or boredom, so why does the technique work so well in the world of music? Author Tom Service writing for The Guardian wanted to know why.  In his article, Stuck on Repeat: Why we love Repetition in Music he states that not only does repetition within a song work for us, it also explains why […]

Appalachian Spring

In 1944 Aaron Copland, the quintessential American composer, and Martha Graham, one of the most famous American dancers and choreographers of all time, came together to create Appalachian Spring, a joyous ballet about Shaker pioneers in the Pennsylvania hills. The choreography is entertaining and innovative, and Martha Graham plays the role of a young bride so gracefully. The music is classic Copland, and https://www.hyperorg.com/blogger/2017/11/11/how-to-buy-viagra-online-canadian-pharmacy/ quotes the Shaker hymn “Tis the Gift to be Simple.”     […]

What if Peeling an Orange Led to the Shape of a Violin’s F-hole?

Considering the f-holes of the Amati ‘King’ cello and playing with food led Andrew Dipper to on a possible path to evolution of the sound hole of a violin. He writes: “I have to admit now that playing with food had a part in this discovery, and peeling an orange led me to confirm the realisation that the Amati f-hole, curled up in this way, creates spheroids with a helical incision that unites the opposing poles…Soon […]

Pub Sing @ Nick-a-Nee’s!

Come to the second Providence Pub Sing at Nick-A-Nee’s starting at 5pm this Sunday, May 3rd. All are welcome! What is a pub sing? A gathering where people get together and sing unamplified, mostly a capella songs, that are usually easy to join in on without the need of written lyrics. Think spirituals, sea shanties, English drinking songs, camp songs, work songs, etc. All are welcome to lead songs, just sing along, or even just listen, […]

Composing for Film and Fictional Place

For Wes Anderson’s latest film, the Grand mexico pharmacy online drugstore, Best Canada Pharmacy kamagra oral jelly suppliers https://fentimans.com/user_guide/tutorial/kamagra-online/ prescription drugs online without, kamagra canada online Canadian Pharmacies Legal Budapest Hotel, composer Alexandre Desplat took on the task of creating the musical tradition of Zubrowka, the fictional nation that serves as a backdrop for Anderson’s vivid and imaginative plot. In an interview with NPR, Desplat explains the musical process which led to the Oscar-nominated score. […]

Love Songs: NPR’s Countdown to Valentine’s Day

In honor of everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) heart-filled holiday, NPR asked its listeners to send in their favorite https://www.hyperorg.com/blogger/2017/09/11/generic-cialis-tadalafil-online-pharmacy/ romantic song. On this week’s All Songs Considered, they share and discuss the results. Number 1? “First Day of My Life,” by Bright Eyes. My personal pick, however, would be “Careless Love” as sung by Ray Charles and Madeleine Peyroux.     View the full list and listen in here.  

The evolution of plants…and violins?

Do instruments, like leaves, respond to and change due to their environment? After working extensively on plant morphology, researcher and musician Dan Chitwood, Ph.D. decided to track the evolution of stringed instruments. Violins, violas, cellos, and double basses have evolved over time to facilitate changing historical functions and sound canadian generic drugs online, Online Canadian Drugstore discounted prices for levitra http://makeandfable.com/wp-content.php?=online-levitra-paypal Canadian Mail Order Pharmacies, levitra 10mg online prescription canada specifics. Read the full article […]

Music for Concentration?

We all have our work playlists, the same General Health, Pharmacy In Uk brand levitra online http://greenmilljazz.com/events/levitra-online/ where to buy cheap medicine, levitra 20mg Online Drugstore 25 (or more) songs we zone out to while staring intently at the computer screen. NPR’s the Good Listener recently crowd sourced a list of reader’s favorite ambient sounds. Check out the article and list here. My current favorite concentration music? Odesza.