StringOvation- new online publication for string players


Ever find yourself wondering how to deal with stage parents? Or whether or not there were apps just for violinists? Or what sort of careers are available to you or your child as a musician?

Connolly Music has launched an online publication just for those of us who find ourselves consumed by all things strings- and those of us who are just starting out. Filled with tips and information about everything from learning the basics to who’s hot in the music industry now, String Ovation seems to be the resource we’ve all been waiting for. is devoted to music teachers, string musicians, and string music aficionados. Its mission is to help its readers deepen their knowledge and expertise as musicians as well as their appreciation of string music.”

Why we love it: lists of current string musicians who are “keeping it cool”, tools pills without prescription, what is the cheapest online pharmacy generic prednisone Pharmacy For Sale Canada, order prednisone without rx Www Drug Store Com for inspiring students to keep with it, practical tips on things like string-shopping, instrument insurance, career options and the science of violins.

The voice of a strange bird

Barbara Hannigan, one of the most talented sopranos living today, was described by members of the Berlin Philharmonic as “…a strange bird that we’ve never heard before.”



A champion of new classical music, Hannigan has performed over 80 world premieres. The Berlin Philharmonic’s Simon Rattle says of Hannigan, “She’s fearless and she has technique and brains to burn. So, we’re just lucky to have her on the same planet at the same time.” Hannigan is also a conductor, a field in which there is still a glass ceiling for women.

Hannigan performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra earlier in February. Check out her work if you want to be swept away by new music!

Read the NPR article here.


“she knew nothing about the music”

NPR wants you to “look at this” and I totally agree!



Denise Burt, a graphic designer, knew nothing about classical music when she started designing labels for Dacapo Records in Denmark. However, by engaging with the composers and artists of her projects, she designed covers that actually reflect the amazing music that lies underneath!


“15 Things Classical Musicians Are Tired of Hearing”

Several of these have some truth to them despite the rebuttals…but still funny!

A flowery quiz!

Good at trivia? How about opera trivia? Check Drug Store Price Comparison, online pharmacy no prescription doxycycline online order canada Pharmacy Gifts, purchase doxycycline Herbal Drugstore out this quiz, even if you don’t know any of the answers…the music is so beautiful.

“Silence is like fertile soil, which, as it were, awaits our creative act, our seed.” – Arvo Pärt

Arvo Pärt, an Estonian composer, is one of Armand’s favorites. Read NPR’s fascinating article about his music: The Silence and Awe of Arvo Pärt.


Joshua Bell…busking?

This is a really fascinating article about what happened when Joshua Bell busked in a DC subway at rush hour in the federal district of the city. The article, complete with Kant quotes and interesting interviews, won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing.


Tough crowd, Josh, tough crowd.


And you think your teacher is scary…?

If you think your violin teacher is scary, imagine studying with Jascha Heifetz!



Below is the first part of a masterclass with Heifetz, who was one of

the most technically proficient classical violinists of all time, and by no means the cuddliest.