Can you choose between a Stradivarius and a del Gesù in 20 minutes?

“It’s like the NBA draft crossed with The Bachelor, but for classical music.”

The sixteen winners of the Canada Council for the Arts’ Musical Instrument Bank competition got to choose from sixteen million-dollar instruments. The violinists will play their chosen partners for three years, at which point the violins will move on to their next musicians.

The catch: the winners have to choose their “perfect match” in just 20 minutes! Watch the video and read about the process here.


Flying with your violin can be dangerous…

British Airways recently forced a musician to store her violin in the hold, and the results are horrifying…


British Airways breaks violin



Flying with a stringed instrument is getting increasingly risky, so make sure to check on airline rules and regulations before you head to the gate.


Joshua Bell…busking?

This is a really fascinating article about what happened when Joshua Bell busked in a DC subway at rush hour in the federal district of the city. The article, complete with Kant quotes and interesting interviews, won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing.


Tough crowd, Josh, tough crowd.