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The Beatles Are Finally Streaming!

For the Beatles fans out there (so basically….everyone?): the band’s music is now available on all streaming services! All of their albums became available worldwide at midnight on Christmas Eve.     “The Beatles, the biggest-selling group of all time, waited more than seven years before coming to iTunes in 2010. Until now, the group was one of most high-profile artists not available to stream, The Guardian reported.” Read the full article Buzzfeed here.  

“I shouldn’t have agreed to this.”

A mom guesses the lineup of a summer festival…pretty hilarious. ———————————— “Mom: Well, he looks like somebody, but I don’t know…. Nope. Smoky Robinson, that’s who he makes me thinks of. Me: No. Mom: You’re looking at your mother who knows people from the 70s and 80s. Me: Yeah. He’s Childish Gambino. Mom: I shouldn’t have agreed to this.”