The Beatles Are Finally Streaming!

For the Beatles fans out there (so basically….everyone?): the band’s music is now available on all streaming services! All of their albums became available worldwide at midnight on Christmas Eve.



“The Beatles, the biggest-selling group of all time, waited more than seven years before coming to iTunes in 2010. Until now, the group was one of most high-profile artists not available to stream, The Guardian reported.” Read the full article Buzzfeed here.


Need some music recommendations?

Here’s a list of 34 popular musicians from all over the world.

“15 Things Classical Musicians Are Tired of Hearing”

Several of these have some truth to them despite the rebuttals…but still funny!

How many classic albums can you identify by their cover?

I got about 9 out of 14 right :/ Can you beat me? Here’s the quiz.

Bluegrass in a cavern?

Bluegrass in a cavern? Pop near some steel stacks? Classical in a limestone quarry?

Explore these amazing concert venues from all over the world!

“I shouldn’t have agreed to this.”

A mom guesses the lineup of a summer festival…pretty hilarious.


“Mom: Well, he looks like somebody, but I don’t know…. Nope. Smoky Robinson, that’s who he makes me thinks of.
Me: No.
Mom: You’re looking at your mother who knows people from the 70s and 80s.
Me: Yeah. He’s Childish Gambino.
Mom: I shouldn’t have agreed to this.”


Click here for the full article

Click here for the full article

Music Hacks

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Some Serious Sia Spin

“I am sia, I was born from the bumhole of a unicorn named steve.” Read about viagra online paypal why Buzzfeed thinks Sia is The Queen To Rule Us All.






Some of these are actually quite surprising…

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin


Which Famous Musicians Actually Wrote These Popular Songs?

Yay, Buzzfeed!