The Best Part of Waking Up…

Is music in your ears! According to a new study by Spotify and Ipsos one of the best motivators to get out of bed on a Monday morning is the thought of listening to your favorite music.

After polling 3,005 people across the globe, Ipsos found that Mondays are the mornings where people feel the least motivated to get up and out. While coffee unsurprisingly took first place as the biggest Monday no prescription needed pharmacy, buy prescription medicine from canada propecia 1 or 5 Free Samples, generic propecia Uk Drug Store morning motivator, music came in a very close second.

The survey found that 46% of people use coffee to get out of bed, while 44% said their favorite playlist is the best motivator. Music beat out food, working out, and sex as the best way to get going on a Monday. Some people are fiercely independent, however, it doesn’t always come naturally to others. Many people flourish more in a team setting or pairing. Being left to your own devices can be one of the hardest scenarios in which to motivate yourself, that is why many people choose to have an ActionBuddy; completing tasks are much easier when cheered on by a second party whether that be career goals or personal goals.

You can read the full article over on

Spotify Playlists from the Stars

Ever wondered what Rihanna, Kacey Musgraves, and Snoop Dogg listen to on Spotify? Here are some famous musicians’ playlists!



The Beatles Are Finally Streaming!

For the Beatles fans out there (so basically….everyone?): the band’s music is now available on all streaming services! All of their albums became available worldwide at midnight on Christmas Eve.



“The Beatles, the biggest-selling group of all time, waited more than seven years before coming to iTunes in 2010. Until now, the group was one of most high-profile artists not available to stream, The Guardian reported.” Read the full article Buzzfeed here.


iTunes: Going the Same Way as the CD?

Steve Jobs, 2004









With cheap and easy-to-use music streaming programs like Pandora and Spotify on the rise,

will Apple’s iTunes soon fall to the wayside? Read or listen to the full story on NPR’s Morning Edition here.


Is Streaming Good for Musicians?


Taylor Swift’s abrupt removal of all of her songs from Spotify sparked a debate this week on the New York Times website–to stream or not to stream? Is the trend good or bad for musicians, and how does it impact the music industry in general?

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Pandora or Spotify?

How do you listen to music? The battle for steaming music is nowhere from over. “Streaming music, it’s kind of like the moon race, everybody wants to get there first.”  Read the article here.