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Can you spot the changes?

The shop got a makeover! We now have a spacious setup for customers who are waiting to be helped, trying out instruments, or just socializing. Also, can you spot the new piano? Come and give it a try! We’re open Tuesday through Thursday 12-6pm, Friday 12-5pm, and Saturday 12-3pm. Visit us at for more information!

What Fiona is listening to:

I’m back! What have I been listening to for the past year? too many interesting things…so I’ll start with what I’m listening to right about now: D’Angelo’s Really Love Paul Lester’s review in The Guardian of D’Angelo’s album Black Messiah praises the singer’s political and musical integrity: “…a beaming, single-minded statement of spiritual rebirth and political reckoning,” and “…a restatement of faith in the principles and sounds of the pre-digital era of black music.”    

What Armand is Listening to:

  This American Life – Fiasco! “Stories of when things go wrong. Really wrong. When you leave the normal realm of human error, fumble, mishap, and mistake and enter the territory of really huge breakdowns. Fiascos. Things go so awry that normal social order collapses.”  

What Dennis is Listening to:

A couple of times a week we’ll let you know what songs are making us tap our feet. First edition: What Dennis is Listening to!                   Queen – Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy “Its got a good beat and you can dance to it!” Dennis says, quoting American Bandstand. “I just love Freddie Mercury!”