New Chamber Orchestra Opportunity for New Learners!


We have recently learned that the

Moses Brown School in Providence RI is forming a community orchestra!

The school is looking for adult players who are learning violin, viola, cello, or double bass at the beginner or intermediate levels.

You can read more about this exciting opportunity, including the rehearsal schedule, contact information, and download the registration form by clicking the following link: HERE.

Watch the International Tchaikovsky Competition Live!


This competition is basically the olympics of music. Experience the anticipation and excitement of competition live this year!!

For an example of the awesomeness of this competition: Christopher Tun Andersen is 23 years old!!





Featured Instrument: Juzek Viola!

This Juzek Viola (16″) has a deep and resonant sound, cherry golden varnish, and a lovely one-piece back.

Come into the shop Tuesday to Thursday 12-6pm, Friday 12-5pm, and Sat 1-3pm to try out this viola!

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What’s worth $45 Million…?

The Stradivari ‘MacDonald’ Viola!!



One of only 10 surviving Stradivari violas, the ‘MacDonald’ is valued at $45 million. The viola went up for auction at Sotheby’s this spring, but bidders failed to meet the asking price.

If it had sold, it would have surpassed the current auction record of $15.9 million for Stradivari’s ‘Lady Blunt’ violin. The ‘MacDonald’ was owned and played by Peter Schidlof of the Amadeus Quartet until 1987. Now the Schidlof family is selling the instrument, and attempting to capitalize on its incredibly rarity and history.


Listen to violist David Aaron Carpenter play Bach’s Suite No.3 in C on this beautiful and pricey instrument:

Read this fascinating story about the ‘MacDonald’ in the NYT. And read about its chances of selling on BusinessWeek.

Featured Instrument: Roth 17″ Viola!

The name Ernst Heinrich Roth has long been synonymous with quality. This viola is as striking in tone as it is in appearance. Made in Bubenreuth-Erlangen, Germany in 1969 by Ernst Heinrich Roth, this 17″ viola has a clear, bold sound that lends itself well to performing.



The viola is a Stradivari 1720 copy, and has an incredibly open, sonorous quality. The red-brown varnish of this viola is very clean and evenly applied.


Come into the shop, Tuesday to Thursday 12-6pm, Friday 12-5pm and Sat 11-2pm, to try out this instrument for yourself!


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Featured Instrument: Armand Aromin’s 16.5″ Viola!

Resident luthier and fiddle aficionado Armand Aromin is selling his soulful 16.5″ viola at the shop! Armand graduated from the North Bennet Street School in 2013, and is now actively making instruments and working at McCarten Violins. Check out his website here.




Aromin’s viola was made in Boston in 2013 during the final year of his training.  It is a copy of Andrea Guarneri’s ‘Conte Vitale’ 1676 viola. The instrument has great projection, and would be perfect for any thoughtful, musical player. It has a rich, warm tone, with a special brilliance that makes the C and G strings Pharmacy Online Usa, online pharmacy no scripts clomid dosage for men Pharmacy Gifts, order clomid online canada Drug Store On Line especially powerful.


Come into the shop, Tuesday to Thursday 12-6pm, Friday 12-5pm and Sat 11-2pm, to try out Armand’s viola!


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