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Violins: Modeled after the Greats

Guarneri Model (left) and Stradivari Model (right) Have you ever wondered why so many violins have labels inside them that say “Antonius Stradivarius”, usually accompanied by a year in the 1700s that has nothing to do with when the instrument was actually made? In the violin-making world, two names reign above all others: Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri. Almost every violin ever made (and certainly every mass-produced one) is modeled after one of these greats. […]

Featured Instrument: Edel Strasse Model 200 Violin!

Introducing the Edel Strasse Model 200 Violin: an affordable instrument (only $629.99) for the advancing student that features a mellow, rounded tone. This violin is fashioned in the classic Stradivari pattern with beautifully applied and lightly antiqued brown varnish. It is finished with boxwood fittings with ebony trim.   Come into the shop Tuesday to Thursday 12-6pm, Friday 12-5pm, and Sat 1-3pm to try out this violin! Click here for product details.  

Featured Instrument: Clement Model 205 Violin!

An affordable instrument for the advancing player, this violin possesses a bright, bold sound and easy playability. Warm in color, it also features a one-piece back.     Come into the shop Tuesday to Thursday 12-6pm, Friday 12-5pm, and Sat 11-2pm to try out this unique violin! Click here for product details.

Featured Instrument: Labelled Jimson Moshau Violin!

Labelled Jimson Moshau 1801, this is just as striking in tone as it is in shape. The instrument has a ringing tone with ample reserve.     Able to exhibit a full range of colors, this violin would be perfect for a dedicated violinist.   Come into the shop, Tuesday to Thursday 12-6pm, Friday 12-5pm and Sat 11-2pm, to try out this unique violin! Click here for product details.

Featured Instrument: Maggini Copy Violin!

This Maggini copy violin has a dark, bold sound that rings freely. Great for anything from solo Bach to Bluegrass, this violin is versatile in its range of tonal colors.       For the amazingly affordable price of $2,000, this violin is ideal for any student who loves a complex and deep sound paired with easy playability. Come into the shop, Tuesday to Thursday 12-6pm, Friday 12-5pm and Sat 11-2pm, to try out this violin! […]

Featured Instrument: Bergonzi Violin! – SOLD

This late 19th century Saxon violin has a complex, rich tone that rings freely at the slightest touch. Very responsive and playable, this instrument would be great for buy prednisone witout a prescription a talented student looking for a mature sound.     This Bergonzi violin is being offered at the affordable price of $850. For such a sweet sounding instrument, this is a deal you won’t want to miss. Come into the shop, Tuesday to Thursday 12-6pm, […]

Featured Instrument: Full-size Suzuki Violin!

Perfect for the budding student, this full-size Suzuki violin has a surprisingly rich, robust tone with excellent playability. The violin is being sold as an outfit, with case and bow, for the extraordinarily low price of $500.   For an affordable price, this violin is the perfect choice for a promising student who is looking for an instrument that will allow them to grow as a musician. Come into the shop, Tuesday to Thursday 12-6pm, Friday 12-5pm and […]

Featured Instrument: Roth 17″ Viola!

The name Ernst Heinrich Roth has long been synonymous with quality. This viola is as striking in tone as it is in appearance. Made in Bubenreuth-Erlangen, Germany in 1969 by Ernst Heinrich Roth, this 17″ viola has a clear, bold sound that lends itself well to performing.   The viola is a Stradivari 1720 copy, and has an incredibly open, sonorous quality. The red-brown varnish of this viola is very clean and evenly applied.   Come into the shop, […]

Featured Instrument: Soloist Cello by Stringworks!

The Soloist by Stringworks has long been one of the most coveted instruments for advancing student players. This instrument is in like-new condition, with striking red-brown varnish. The ribs and back are beautifully flamed maple, and the top is made from extraordinarily straight-grained spruce. The cello outfit is featured at the incredible price of $2,000.   The cello boasts a brand new setup with Helicore and Larsen strings, a Wittner 4-tuner tailpiece, and a Despiau bridge […]

Featured Instrument: Armand Aromin’s 16.5″ Viola!

Resident luthier and fiddle aficionado Armand Aromin is selling his soulful 16.5″ viola at the shop! Armand graduated from the North Bennet Street School in 2013, and is now actively making instruments and working at McCarten Violins. Check out his website here.     Aromin’s viola was made in Boston in 2013 during the final year of his training.  It is a copy of Andrea Guarneri’s ‘Conte Vitale’ 1676 viola. The instrument has great projection, […]

Featured Instrument: French “J.B. Vuillaume” Violin!

This full-size French J.B. Vuillaume copy is dated circa 1860. It boasts an incredibly sweet, rich tone. At an affordable price, this instrument may as well be a Vuillaume original.     With remarkable clarity and playability, this instrument is perfect for any serious student who loves a romantic, complex sound. The violin has a delicate body, with a rich red amber color over a gold ground. With its age it now has a lovely, natural patina. This instrument […]

Revitalizing Detroit through Music

  Luthier Gary Zimnicki of Detroit has made over a dozen mandolins and ukeleles from the old floorboards and ceiling joists of vacant buildings. Working with the non-profit Reclaim Detroit, which works to re-use the materials of torn-down buildings, Zimnicki is contributing to the Pharmacy Rx One, Super Discounts And Free Samples order zithromax no prescription zithromax no prescription Herbal Drugstore, buy zithromax no prescription Online Pharmacy Usa Detroit revitalization effort. Roy Feldman of WTVS Detroit […]