What Fiona is listening to:

Biscuits – Kacey Musgraves

Musgraves has a voice as sweet as candy, and her lyrics are really clever. The video is….interesting.

As you can see, she’s doing quite well for herself!


What Fiona is listening to:

I’m back! What have I been listening to for the past year? too many interesting things…so I’ll start with what I’m listening to right about now:

D’Angelo’sĀ Really Love

Paul Lester’s review in The Guardian of D’Angelo’s album Black Messiah praises the singer’s political and musical integrity: “…a beaming, single-minded statement of spiritual rebirth and political reckoning,” and “…a restatement of faith in the principles and sounds of the pre-digital era of black music.”




What Fiona is Listening to:


“So jealous of everyone in this video.”

Jay Z – Picasso Baby

What Fiona is Listening to:


“Gaby Morena’s voice just hit me the first time I heard it – so soulful and sweet.”

Gaby Morena – Ave que Emigra


What Fiona is Listening to:

Crossover Kidz

“ThisĀ video is an awesome combination of http://goodokbad.com/buy/propecia-online.html rap, strings, vocals, and percussion.”

Matt Rosewood & Drew B – Deluge

What Fiona is Listening to:


“She’s brilliant, and this video is

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so fun to watch!”

Mayra Andrade – Tchapu na bandera